May is Over!

It’s hard to believe that May is almost over! Many of our greenhouses are beginning to clear out, but there are still a variety of hanging baskets, annuals, herbs, and vegetables remaining. That’s unlikely to be true much longer though! Whether you haven’t started your garden yet this year or are looking to add more to it, now’s the time! Plus, our stock of houseplants, tropicals, and succulents is always changing.

If you bring your annuals home and notice they aren’t looking quite as good as they did, it may be time to fertilize! Annual hanging baskets and containers will benefit greatly from a weekly application of water-soluble fertilizer such as Jack’s Classic, which we both sell and use here at Quality. If fed consistently, many annuals such as Petunias and Million Bells should bloom all summer long. If you’re fertilizing and watering regularly and it still seems like your plants aren’t looking so hot, be sure to check for possible insect pests such as aphids or spider mites. We stock a variety of pest control methods here to take care of any bug infestation, but be careful to read labels closely and always apply as directed!

The weather is perfect now for a walk through our perennial yard, nursery, and greenhouses, so grab some ice cream or a cold brew at Bloom and come take a look around!