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Rose Gardens

We are proud to grow over 100 varieties of roses every year. Most of them are grown from bare roots produced by specialty rose propagators who have tested their stock for hardiness in our area. We grow only #1 quality rootstocks and many are OR (own root) roses in roomy 3-gallon pots. All of these factors work to ensure that homeowners receive superior plants, so that they can successfully grow the best roses. Here is a taste of our selection:

Hybrid Tea

Mister Lincoln: With its large, fragrant red flowers on long stems and dark green foliage, it very well could be the best red tea rose yet!

Peace: Voted Best Rose of the 20th Century, this variety is considered one of the world’s most famous roses, with its stunning yellow and pink flower.

Strike It Rich: A great disease-resistant rose, it sports golden yellow flowers with hints of ruby red and emits a strong scent of spice and fruit.

Miss All-American Beauty: Since it is extremely hardy, this is a great rose for the beginner. Large, deep pink flowers boast a lovely, old-fashioned rose scent.


Angel Face: Its deep lavender flowers have one of the strongest citrus scents in modern roses. Pretty ruffled petals are an added bonus.

Iceberg: This top performer is perfect for hedges or as an addition to a perennial bed. Clear white flowers bloom on a tall bushy plant.

Cinco De Mayo: A 2009 AARS Floribunda winner. Blooms are smokey lavender mixed with rusty red on top of very glossy green foliage.

Scentimental: The first striped rose to win AARS honours, it sports large, deep red and cream flowers with a strong spicy scent.


Blaze: An all-time favorite! Pure red flowers bloom on new and old wood and keep blooming until fall—plus it’s low maintenance.

Eden Climber: This is one of the best known climbers. Once established, it will continue to reward you with huge soft pink flowers that keep blooming all season.

Joseph’s Coat: Vivid, ever-changing flowers sport colors of yellow, scarlet, orange, and fushia. Blooms continue all summer.

Flutterbye: This climber looks like hundreds of golden butterflies on your arbor or trellis! It features great disease resistance and a long bloom-time.