"The greenhouses at Quality Gardens are open year round!"

Quality Gardens Open House and Bloom Cafe Grand Opening

Quality Gardens is hosting it’s annual Spring Open House Saturday, April 18th from 11am – 4pm.  This year we are adding a little excitement to the day by christening our new business.  The Bloom Cafe at Quality Gardens is throwing it’s doors open and celebrating it’s Grand Opening!  The Cafe will be offering free ice cream, a gift certificate raffle, and samples.  Please come celebrate spring with us and join in the festivities!


Quality Gardens Spring Open House & Bloom Cafe Grand Opening

Saturday April 18th 11am – 4pm

  • Food by Dave’s Country Meats
  • Live Music by the Laurel Colonello
  • A Tree Raffle
  • Free Ice Cream
  • Bloom Cafe Gift Certificate Raffle

We look forward to seeing you!

For specials please check out our ad in the Butler Eagle

Open House Ad 2015 Front

Open House ad 2015

Stay Healthy With Houseplants

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor many gardeners and nature lovers the end of the growing season can be a difficult time. Everything seems barren outside and the thought of almost 4 months with a desolate landscape seems unbearable. One way to ensure a positive mental state is with houseplants. Many amazing varieties of tropcial and desert plants exist that will keep your home filled with beautiful shades of color and incredible textures.

Houseplants will infuse your home with some much needed life and they will also help clean the air, which can get stuffy and polluted in the winter. A favorite of Tom’s is the Dieffenbachia. It is a common large-leafed plant, but there are some striking new hybrids available now. This is a low-maintenance variety—it does not require direct light, just a bright room, and it only needs moderate water.

Another very interesting and easy-care houseplant is the Rubber plant. We have a couple of different varieties, my favorite being the Tri-color. Its mix of cream, red, and green foliage looks stunning on its own or in a mixed container with creeping plants.

These are just a couple of our favorites. We have many varieties of Cacti, Succulents, Philodendrons, Pothos, Hoya, Citrus Trees, Palms, and lots more. If you’re looking to add some green into your home or would just like to breathe some tropical air, come and explore our greenhouse—we are open all year long!