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Christmas is Coming!

Cold weather is coming, and so is the holiday season! Our Glass House is stuffed full of holiday decor, ornaments, and unique gift ideas for your loved ones.

The first part of our three-part eco-speaker series, Honeybees: What’s the Buzz?, is coming up on Tuesday, November 20th from 7pm-9pm. Our goal with this series is to educate the community on a variety of topics and to support the charitable efforts of local organizations. The first series features speakers Lynda Reich from Honeysweet Apiaries and Tony Miga from Chatham University’s Eden Hall Campus. Register through Eventbrite to attend this event! A portion of the proceeds benefit the Lighthouse Foundation.

Fresh-cut Christmas trees are arriving soon! We are accepting orders for custom-made wreaths, swags, and decorative arrangements and will also have plenty of pre-made wreaths and other greenery to choose from.

Despite the wintry weather, our greenhouses are bright and colorful this time of year thanks to our poinsettia crop! Quality Gardens grows poinsettias in five different sizes, in the traditional red and white and in over ten specialty patterns and colors that you may not find anywhere else in the area. Call us for pricing and wholesale information.