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Mum Season!

It’s that time of year already, and though summer feels barely over, now is a good time to start thinking about fall mums. Quality grows over 50 varieties in varying colors, flower shapes, and bloom times, so there’s a lot to choose from! Mums are great for bringing color to fall gardens when most other annuals have fizzled out. Plant them in the ground or in containers. Some bloom later and others earlier, but they should last well into fall as the temperatures cool and other flowers fade.

And not all mums are annuals! Most will not survive our winters, but there are more cold tolerant varieties which can be grown as perennials. Plant hardy garden mums in early fall so they have time to develop their root system before winter and be sure to select a spot that is well-draining. After the first hard frost, mulching can help further protect the mums from the cold and allow them to return next year.

Don’t forget about other fall favorites such as flowering kale, asters, ornamental millet, upright sedum, and more. Many shrubs, trees, and grasses are just beginning to take on their fall colors. The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of the planting season, and there’s still plenty of time to add to your garden. Plus, now that the temperatures are cooling off, it’s not so sweltering in the greenhouse so it’s a great time to visit!




Late Summer & Fall Interest

No one wants summer to be over already, but it’s nearly fall gardening season here in Western Pennsylvania or at least about time to start thinking about how your landscape will look in fall. Whether they bloom until the frost, color up to spectacular foliage, or have attractive berries which last into winter, fall interest plants are always a great addition to the garden.

Long-flowering plants that bloom into fall include shrubs such as Abelia or Blue Mist Spirea (Caryopteris) and herbaceous perennials such as False Sunflower,  upright Sedum, Tickseed (Coreopsis), Black-Eyed Susans, or Montauk Daisies. Many deciduous shrubs are popular for their stunning fall foliage. Oakleaf Hydrangea’s foliage turns deep red to orange to burgundy in fall and its previously white flowers turn dark pink. Sweetspire, a compact shrub with drooping, white flowers in spring and summer, turns bright red as winter approaches. Many shrubs are well-known for their colorful berries which often serve as food for wildlife, such as Chokeberry, a native shrub with black berries and bright orange to red fall foliage, and Snowberry, with large white berries that last into winter.

Also consider planting fall classics in your garden, such as mums, flowering kale, ornamental millet, asters, amaranthus, and  annual grasses. Many of these make great additions to fall planters and beds and can brighten the landscape even as perennial blooms begin to fade.

Fall is a great time to plant new shrubs, trees, and perennials. As the weather cools, new plants don’t dry out as quickly as in the heat of summer and a lot of their energy is spent putting out roots to prepare for winter. As long as you give your plants enough time to establish before the frost, planting season doesn’t have to be limited to spring. Now’s also a great time to plant fall crops like cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts, radishes, and more!

Color Your Summer

Quality Gardens greenhouses are stocked full with blooming annuals both in pots and hanging baskets. A huge array of plants for  shade and sun to choose from that will fill your planters with  color on your patio, deck, or porch.

Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and can help you pick and design your summer look. If you would rather not get your hands dirty let us do it all. Drop of your pots and let us design and plant them for you. All you have to do is pick them up!

4″ Proven Winner Annuals- $3.49
10″ Hanging Baskets- $15.99
12″ Combinations Hanging Baskets- $29.99
16″ Combination Hanging Baskets- $39.99
Bedding Annual Flats- $15.99 ea (32 plants per flat)