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New Arrivals Everyday!

The 2017 seeds have arrived!  We have cool kits for growing your own Sprouts and Micro-Greens along with a huge selection of  non-GMO vegetable and flower seeds from Botanical Interests.  Come check it out!

New Indoor/Outdoor decor is arriving daily in the Glass House.   And Alliy and her crew are hard at work starting all the seeds and plants for Easter and spring.

Spring is in the air (can’t you smell it??) and things are getting into full swing at Quality Gardens!

Stop in, grab a Lavender-Vanilla Latte from Bloom Cafe, and come stroll our greenhouses to get your spring juices flowing!!

Winter Color for Your Home

Now that the holidays are over and the decorations are put away for another year, this time of year can feel particularly dreary, especially on one of our gray western Pennsylvania days.

For a quick pick-me-up, think about brightening your interiors with some colorful houseplants.  We have a large selection of flowering Cyclamen, Gold Ginger, Anthurium, and Streptocarpella, in addition to many houseplants with colorful foliage.   Just the thing to bring some color into your home!




Houseplants will infuse your home with some much needed life and they will also help clean the air, which can get stuffy and polluted in the winter. A favorite of Tom’s is the Dieffenbachia. It is a common large-leafed plant, but there are some striking new hybrids available now. This is a low-maintenance variety—it does not require direct light, just a bright room, and it only needs moderate water.

We also have a large selection of those very cool Fiddle-leaf Figs trees, in various shapes and sizes. The “It” plant of today, the lush Fiddle Leaf Fig is the one of the most popular looks for adding warmth to any style room.  They’re not hard to care for, but prefer certain conditions to thrive:  bright, indirect light; no drafts; consistent, but not too much water.  We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have about their on-going care.


Photo by “The Sill” (

Another very interesting and easy-care houseplant is the Rubber plant. We have a couple of different varieties, my favorite being the Tri-color. Its mix of cream, red, and green foliage looks stunning on its own or in a mixed container with creeping plants.

These are just a couple of our favorites. We have many varieties of Cacti, Succulents, Philodendrons, Pothos, Hoya, Citrus Trees, Palms, and lots more. If you’re looking to add some green into your home or would just like to breathe some tropical air, come and explore our greenhouse—we are open all year long!