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When is Quality Gardens, Inc. open?
Quality Gardens, Inc. is open all year, with longer hours in the peak spring and summer seasons. Please call (724) 625-2770 for the current season’s hours of operation.

Does Quality Gardens, Inc. deliver?
Yes, we can deliver your purchase of trees, shrubs, mulch, statuary, and other garden goods. Delivery pricing varies with the size of the order and the delivery location. We can also plant your trees or shrubs upon delivery.

Where is Quality Gardens, Inc.?
We are located off of Route 228 in Valencia, Pennsylvania, near Mars and Cranberry. Click here for directions.

Can Quality Gardens, Inc. design my landscape?
Yes, we have a full service landscape division. Our landscape designer will work with you to draft a design for your project. You may then choose to plant the design yourself or allow our professional landscaping crew to install the plants and hardscape elements for you.

Does Quality Gardens, Inc. grow their own plants?
Yes, almost all of our seasonal annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables are grown on site. While some of the nursery stock is grown on site, most of it is purchased from northern nurseries with a similar climate to Butler County, Pennsylvania.

What is the Quality Gardens, Inc. guarantee?
Trees and Shrubs: Receive a 100% store credit or replacement on the plant for one year from the original sale. We must have the original receipt.  Perennials: Receive 100% store credit for up to 90 days from date-of-purchase. Guarantee will not be given if any of the plants are in the original container. No guarantee is given for annuals, bonsai, pond plants, and live Christmas trees. No guarantee on any plant material bought at a discounted price.

What can I do if I have a problem with plants purchased at Quality Gardens, Inc.?
Any time you suspect a problem with a plant, bring in a sample of tissue (leaves, twigs, etc.) displaying symptoms. We will diagnose the problem and recommend a course of treatment.

Will Quality Gardens, Inc. sell to wholesale customers?
Yes, we offer our products to landscape contractors, florists, garden centers, and grocery stores.

Can Quality Gardens, Inc. help non-profit organizations with fundraisers?
Yes, we work with local clubs, schools, churches, hospitals, charities, and more to organize successful fundraising campaigns.

Are Gift Certificates available through Quality Gardens, Inc.?
Yes, You can purchase a gift certificate in any monetary amount. Drop by our store or call toll free to charge by phone.

When is it safe to plant trees and shrubs?
Our trees and shrubs can be planted anytime a spade can be driven into the ground (anytime the ground is not frozen).

When is it safe to plant annuals and perennials?
Some annuals, such as dianthus, pansy, viola and snapdragon, are cold tolerant. They can be planted outdoors in late March to early April with light protection needed from hard frosts. The average frost-free date here in Western Pennsylvania is May 20th. This is the date when tender annuals can usually be planted outdoors without the risk of frost damage. However, every year is different so weather reports should be watched into early June. In case of late frosts, plants in beds can be covered with brown bags, sheets, or frost cloth. Container gardens can be moved to a sheltered location.